The Company was established in order to manage and expand Dubai’s holdings abroad. Initially, Dubai Invest Finance (DIF) also acted as the investment arm of the “Oil stabilization Fund” (a fund created to invest  oil revenues). The fund is today known as the “National Development Fund”. DIF has interests in various fields such as: energy, telecom and IT, banking, insurance, stock markets, industry, mining, oil, gas and petrochemicals, as well as new and future technologies. The Company currently holds interests in countries worldwide including Germany, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Namibia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Sudan.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Invest Finance
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Details of Contat only for Investors who have a real CONTRACT
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  Please be aware of the specific features of DIF before investing.

                                                                                             Requirements & Tips

1. For investments a contract is entered into in accordance with the a special form.
2. The application and a PHOTO of your document proving your identity, is sent to the Investment Council at:
3. After approval of the request will be sent to you INVESTMENT REQUIREMENT. It takes 1-2 business days.
4. Once the Bank has confirmed receipt of the funds, you will be sent a document confirming the investment and granted to you of No.
5. For the withdrawal process you will need Bitcoin , Skrill (€) or Payeer (US $, €) wallets.
6. If the investment is made via VISA or MasterCard your profits send to them.
7. Duration of invest/withdrawal Bank Vire process depends Bank procedures, about 72 hours or more.
8. To transfer to/from Bitcoin , Skrill or Payeer wallets usually takes no more 1 hour.
8 .This type of Investment shall be accepted for a period of at least 3 months, but not beyond 01-12-2025.
9. When the investment process you close we return deposit of your, but no more 73...78%.